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A history of Kiwimaps

We are New Zealand owned and operated and dedicated to supplying map purchasers with the highest quality range of New Zealand maps.

With one hundred maps available in our range we, quite simply, have a map for every business, motorist and tourist in New Zealand.

Kiwimaps was born out of the success of New Zealand Minimaps Ltd. Originally known as ‘Minimaps’ with our core product being the small pocket Minimap range, the company was developed to a point where the trading name of ‘Minimap’ no longer truly represented the maps or

the size of the organisation. With a change in name to Kiwimaps (Ltd) and rebranding the product under this title, the amalgamation of our

map titles under one ‘family’ brought the product together in the market place and created a positive united company identity.

Our product range now includes the pocket Minimaps, large Pathfinder and Metromap
sheet-maps and a full set of premium grade book-maps all under the Kiwimaps title.

We are a forward thinking company, with a commitment to accuracy, quality, innovation and up-to-date products.

By concentrating solely on New Zealand, we have become the leading force in the retail map market.



Our staff - cartographers, graphic designers, researchers and sales team

By employing our own in-house cartographic, graphic and research team plus our dedicated sales representatives, we are able to control all aspects of the company. This enables us to meet the stringent quality standards we have set, and our printers used for the production of the

final product have a proven record of award winning reliability and excellence.



International Map Industry Association awards

IMIA-International Map Industry Association

Kiwimaps are proud to have won International Map Industry Association awards for three different products, competing with the large corporate international companies. These awards recognise and reinforce our commitment to product innovation,
design and cartographic quality.



Colin Boot,

Owner & Managing Director