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New for 2010 are the revised Kiwimaps company logo and map covers.

Careful observers of our maps will have noticed that the logo has been revamped with a stylish make-over.
More of an evolution than revolution, the old logo has been cleaned up to give a fresher image.

More obvious are the new black map covers. These feature a thin stripe at their right edge in one of three colours: Red for Minimaps and Metromaps, Green for Pathfinders and Orange for the new, super sized, Megamap Series.

Designed with the vision of a cleaner look for our map covers, and a greater impact for the map titles. This has been achieved with the solid black base offering an easier to read title block and contrasts nicely with the photo, framing each image.

As each of the existing maps are updated and reprinted they will be published with the new covers and logo  –  as always the maps inside will offer the features and accuracy that you have come to expect from a Kiwimaps product.

For all users of our Pathfinder book-maps of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch that like the existing book but wish it
had even larger print, you’ll love the new Megabook range.

With the core City pages enlarged to a scale of 1:20,000 and the maps styled for clarity so they are even easier to read,
the Megamap range is ideal for anyone desiring a larger Kiwimap or users without 20/20 vision!

The range contains all the style and features you have come to expect from Kiwimaps, with regional towns and district maps
relevant to the feature city. In addition we have increased the size of the map index text.

While larger than our existing range, the finished size of approximately 305 x 230 mm (plus binding) is still manageable within
your vehicle. Each book is wiro bound for ease of use and fully indexed.

 Megamaps – New from Kiwimaps, and available now.

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